Meet the Clines: Long QT Syndrome

Three-sport star Elizabeth Cline was swimming a few laps when her heart started racing and her legs went numb. It was all she could do to tap a fellow swimmer before she passed out. After testing at Akron Children’s Hospital, it was determined she had long QT syndrome, a genetic condition that can cause the heart to suddenly stop beating. Elizabeth and her family share the story of how this potentially-deadly condition has changed all of their lives.

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  1. christinepuricelli@yahoo.com' NoMoreLongQT says:

    I would love to invite you to join a group I belong to. It is called Parent Heart Watch. You can find us at: http://www.parentheartwatch.org

    I lost my 22 year old daughter, Emilie, when she died suddenly in her sleep from undiagnosed Long QT Syndrome.

    No one should be on this journey alone. I would love to talk with you.

    Contact Parent Heart Watch, and tell them to put you into contact with the “Long QT Lady”. I think they’ll know who you are talking about.

    Our co-executive director was interviewed on Dr. Oz last week, the subject being Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Children.

    You can see the entire interview on You Tube & also an AED Demonstration on Dr. Oz’s web site.

    Please feel free to contact me. I would love to touch bases with you and learn
    how you are all doing, etc.

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