Meet Kendall: Preemie

My daughter was born weighing 2 lbs. and went to the NICU right after birth. We were scared because we just lost triplets 4 years prior and it took us all these years to get this miracle.

Kendall’s world was moved by nurse Chrissy in the NICU…We thank her for making us feel she was in such good hands when we were sad to leave her at night. I felt like she was like her second mommy.

I even felt bad taking her home. I cried for Chrissy cause I knew how much she cared for Kendall. Chrissy will always hold a place in our hearts and we still have the Polaroid of Kendall and Chrissy the day before she left on Kendall’s shelf in her room.

You’re our winner…

P.S. I just had another girl, Karsyn Alyesse, Feb. 3. She was 6 lbs!