Former NICU baby now healthy 4-year-old boy

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My son Lawrence was sent to Akron Children’s Hospital from Medina Hospital when he was born. He inhaled fluid when he came out and he couldn’t breathe. He was taken from me as soon as he was born. I was scared to death. He was my second child, my only son. I was released from the hospital the next day so I could go see and be with him in Akron.

When we got there he was in an incubater and I couldn’t even touch him. He was there for 5 days, but it seemed so much longer. I still cry every time I think about that time. The whole time he was there, me and my husband stayed in the Ronald McDonald House. It was great there. The hospital and the House were both great to us and our son.

When I was able to hold him to try to feed him, I couldn’t hold him for more that a couple minutes. Now he is a healthy 4 year old and has 2 sisters that he loves playing with. He is very active and has had no other health problems. Thank you Akron Children’s Hospital for saving my son! His name is Lawrence Furcron.