Excitement builds as opening of Expressive Therapy Center nears

I recently accepted a position as the program assistant for the Expressive Therapy Center. What an exciting time to come aboard at Akron Children’s Hospital! In the short time that I have been here, I have seen the excitement and anticipation bursting from each person invested in this project.

I imagine that it’s been a long road for the original visionaries of the Expressive Therapy Center. To see that vision come to fruition must be very fulfilling. This is evident in the excitement surrounding the center. Even my visit to the security office this week was met with anticipation about the progress of the center. The last pieces of carpet are being laid, the furniture is arriving and supplies are being collected. As a team, we can hardly contain our excitement as moving day draws closer and closer.

Once we move in, the center will truly act as a vessel to support the work of our very talented music and art therapists. Both therapists are already working with patients on a daily basis. Now there will be a creative space available. Hopefully the patients will feel inspired by the natural light streaming through the windows, the endless creative opportunities available to them, and even the words brightly lit on the sign above the door: CREATE. HEAL. INSPIRE. Encourage the Opportunities.