A dress rehearsal for the new expressive therapy center

Lately, curious heads are popping in to visit. We have seen employees from environmental service, employee health, maintenance and even an Air Bear® pilot. Everyone is anxious to see the new Expressive Therapy Center up and running. And we are excited to report that it is quickly on its way!

Each week there is more to see. With the arrival of the piano, excited fingers have tickled the ivories. As art supplies show up, sticky fingers seem inevitable. What a joy to know that there will be a creative outlet for the children of Akron Children’s Hospital.

Today, as we watched the audio visual equipment arrive, I marveled at the amount of love that has come about to support such a rich and unrivaled project.

This week we had a few little ones come to interact with our therapists. What a joy to see little hands twirling with scarves, beating a drum, and creating artistic pictures. It was truly a glimpse into the future of the many moments that will be shared in this precious space.

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