7 weeks ‘til our lil Peanut arrives

I can’t believe we are 7 weeks away from seeing our little Peanut. Randy and I are excited and anxious about becoming parents. It’s been crazy with the start of my new job, preparing for showers, deciding what to register for, and preparing how we want to decorate the nursery – not to mention picking out names. We have decided not to find out Peanut’s gender so we’ll need to have girl and boy names ready. The boy’s name is decided, but we’re having a harder time agreeing on the girl name.

Our 32-week appointment went very well. We cannot say enough about Dr. Stewart and his staff. I was late getting home from work so we had a slow start getting to Akron. According to our GPS, we were going to be 7 minutes late so I called to let the office know we would be late. Rebecca greeted us warmly with a smile. She even joked with Randy about bringing in a parking pass to be validated and gave him a piece of dark chocolate for remembering to bring it with him.

The nurse Angela is always just as friendly. Dr. Stewart falls in the same line of making us feel valued when we are in the office.  He is always willing to answer our questions with confidence. Our questions this visit involved our “D” day.

Dr. Stewart mentioned that he wanted to perform the C-section first thing so I would have a better chance of visiting “Peanut” at Akron Children’s, maybe as soon as that evening. He was quick to remind me that it is major surgery, but is open to giving me a pass if I am up to it. We will continue to pray for decreased pain and strength for this to happen. I’m sure emotions will be flying high either way.

Randy asked about our plan of action if I would go into labor beforehand. I, of course, don’t plan on traveling to Philadelphia again in the near future, so we shouldn’t be far from home, which is about 25 minutes away. Dr. Stewart said first-time moms usually have time to get to the hospital, but to make sure that we contact him right away. I piped in to let Dr. Stewart know that despite Randy’s love for racing a racecar, he takes pride in not going over the speed limit. I usually catch him going at least 5 under. He claims it’s more time he gets to spend with me without distractions.

Another question was about Randy being in the operating room with us. Neither Randy nor myself do well with medical procedures. In fact, we both have a short history of passing out over shots. Randy claims he is going to man up and watch the delivery. I have my doubts, but more power to him. Dr. Stewart said he’s seen some dads with similar concerns do fine. They are so into the moment of the baby’s birth that they don’t notice the rest of the exposed organs.

Dr. Stewart said Randy can observe as much or as little as he wants. It should take him about 2 minutes to get our little Peanut out. Whatever the case, our little one will be here in less than 7 weeks. We can’t believe how the time has flown by.

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  1. slgordon1969@gmail.com' slgordon says:

    Hey you do know that your ‘sister’ is a surgical nurse right?!
    I’m here if you need me. Oh yeah, I also used to work at childrens too.
    All will be great! You are in the Great Physicians hands and He will never let you go!
    Love to All

  2. iloveme4eva20002001@yahoo.com' Billie King says:

    I wish both of you the best and you’ll be great parents. I can’t wait to see some of the baby pics. Congrads!! Love you guys!!

  3. kimbyre@yahoo.com' kimbyre says:

    Megs! Thanks for posting this link on FB. You have been on my heart a TON lately! So, I’ve taken that and turned it into prayer! I actually had a dream last night about you, that I came to visit you a few weeks after “peanut” was born, and HE smiled and cooed for me… But, my dreams aren’t always accurate, so don’t go buying blue!! I’ll keep an eye on this page to keep an eye on the three of you!

  4. lmueller@neo.rr.com' MawMawM says:

    The shortest … and L-O-N-G-E-S-T …. seven weeks EVER! Hope you are feeling well and happy to hear Peanut is progressing well, too! Just remember to lay all the anxiety at His feet and relish these precious weeks with that little miracle growing inside you, and with the anticipation of the joy and love that Peanut is going to bring with him/her to bless your lives in ways we can’t yet know!

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