Preparing the nest for Peanut

Bring on the Peanut preparations.

Decorating is not my strong point, so I’m consulting with my friend Abbey and her mom for some ideas.  We need to pick out a verse for the wall above the crib that we’re going to order this week. We also need to pick wall art to place above the changing table and pictures we’d like to place around the room. Then we will be able to implement the ideas.

I guess you’d call it nesting, but the intense cleaning has begun. My mom and Aunt Marcelle came over to the house to spring clean the kitchen. What a job! It’s hard to imagine making space for another person in our home. We have showers planned for the next few weekends and I’m working weekends when I’m not spending time with family and friends.

Peanut is doing well. I feel like most of the movements are caused by hiccups. We have an appointment with Dr. Stewart this week as a follow up. I’d like to talk to our team about getting an “itinerary” for our first couple days in the hospital. I found a website from a hospital in Oregon that has a great explanation of what is happening the day of delivery. It gave great insight as to where the baby is going and what tests are being performed during their stay. I’m a detailed person and feel that it would decrease some of our anxiety when we aren’t all together.

I guess you would call this past weekend my first Mother’s Day. Saturday night my mom, aunt, granny and I spent the evening at a mother-daughter banquet. It was great to spend the evening together. Randy ordered a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What a guy, starting off on the right foot.

I’d like to take the time to thank my mother for being an amazing example. She has taught me so many things about life and what it means to be a woman who seeks God with all of her heart. Our family has been through a lot over the past few years as she has battled bladder cancer, but has not let it come between her relationship with our Lord. She has never turned her back on Him or blamed Him for her circumstances. She has allowed herself to grow from her trials. What an example we have had as we face our own struggles.

I’m so thankful for her prayers, support and love that she has poured out to our little family over the past few months. I’m looking forward to introducing Peanut to someone who has been praying for him/her before he/she was ever conceived.

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