Thank You, Akron Children’s Hospital

KELSEY JEWLERY.jpg (75 KB) My daughter Kelsey turned 3 yesterday, thanks to many prayers of a miracle and your amazing hospital, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who gave her the most wonderful care. Your hospital is truly amazing and we will never forget the 8 days that we stayed there while she was in the NICU…probably a short time but an eternity to us. The Ronald McDonald House was wonderful too!

I made a video of the miracle that was given to us to show at our small church shortly after she was born, to share our story and to thank them for praying for us. My pastor posted it on the Internet 3 years ago and somehow it got posted to a website called Godvine 4 days ago and has had over 1 million views in that short time through Facebook. Some of you may have seen it. The video thanks God for this miracle, but what I also want you to know, is how truly thankful we are for your hospital and for all those that work to save lives and make a difference in lives daily.

We came to your the Radiothon to share our story before and my son loved being a change bandit :)

I also want to keep in my heart and prayers all of God’s little angels in heaven, every life no matter how long here on earth, is a miracle.

Thank you and we love you Akron Children’s Hospital!

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