Congenital Nystagmus Dr. Burnstine

My twin daughters were diagnosed with congenital nystagmus when they were about 8 weeks old. I was so surprised because I have never heard of the condition before.

At the age of 4 we were referred to a specialist in our hometown of Jackson, MS. After seeing him we had the eye muscle surgery done with no success. ┬áThe girls’ vision continued to go down hill.

The surgery did not help, they were running into walls, into each other, and had a severe chin down still point. So as a worried mother, I started my research on nystagmus, and this is where we found our “angel,” Dr. Burnstine.

In August 2010, when my girls were 7, we made the long trip to Akron, Ohio, to visit with Dr. Burnstine. After his evaluation, we had the eye muscle surgery (again), and it was a success.

After the surgery we got the new prescription for their glasses. The girls went from seeing 20/400 to approximately 20/50. It was totally amazing. They were seeing things that they never had noticed before. It was like they were seeing the world for the first time in a new way.

Dr. Burnstine is our saving grace. The trip is totally worth it, and I would not trust my girls’ eyes with anyone else except for his partner Dr. Hertle (who is just as up to date on nystagmus as Dr. Burnstine.)

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