Thanks for making our trip to the ER better

Today, I was reminded of the value of seeing the right person at the right time for problems we may have. My son dislocated his elbow this afternoon. We took him to Akron Children’s Hospital, where he was immediately taken into a room in the Emergency Department (ED). The nurse who got the ball rolling was very friendly and the lady in charge of registration was delightful.

He then saw a great pediatrician who relocated his elbow with minimal discomfort within seconds. There were no unnecessary tests (such as x-rays) performed. It was outstanding. We were in and then out of the ED at Akron Children’s within about 30 minutes.

Thanks to Dr. Taddeo for being so good at what you do. The popsicle and stickers you used to assure Isaac could move his right arm were the perfect finishing touch to a job well done.