Meet Dr. Ramundo – Pediatric ER physician

In this year’s TV campaign, we’ve turned the camera on our doctors, so you can see how intensely they care for every child – and family – they treat.

One of these doctors is Maria Ramundo. She’s an Emergency Medicine doctor at Akron Children’s Hospital, where the ER is always busy. In fact, Dr. Ramundo and her team handle the most pediatric ER visits in Northeast Ohio. She spends a lot of her time there not just treating, but also educating the parents and families she sees.

And when Dr. Ramundo isn’t treating kids in the ER, she is focusing on training future doctors. As the director of Akron Children’s pediatric residency program, she ensures that our pediatric residents build their medical knowledge and clinical skills as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Dr. Ramundo also stresses their role as advocates for issues affecting infants, children and teens.

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