Ahoy Mateys … Meet our pirate crew

Arrr! There be a change in the weatherrrr if yer be coming to Akron Children’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center today. So be ready to walk the plank.

The center’s docs and nurses – who take such good care of kids – shall be looking like scallywags today. Goodbye lab coat and stethoscopes… hello hook hands, eye patches, Cap’n Jack Sparrow dreadlocks, and parrots on thee shoulder.

More importantly, they be talking like pirates in celebration of annual “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” How did change in course come to be? We have one scoundrel to thank – Cap’n Mad Dog (a.k.a. Dr. Tom Enlow).

He may be a pediatric neurologist by day, but he obviously has great affection for the pirate life, language and lore. So if you see him around the hospital, go ahead and call him a bilge rat. He won’t be offended.

Start your conversation with him by dropping your “g’s” (as in sailin’ and fightin’ ) and avoid any pronunciation of “v” (so “ever” becomes “e’er” and “never” becomes “ne’er”). Sprinkle in pirate favorites like “Avast,” and “Ahoy,” and, if all else fails, begin every sentence with a scowl and hearty “aarrgh.”

So, shiver me timbers. Akron Children’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center is the place to be for kids and pirates alike today.

So report to the 4th floor Considine poop deck pronto – where adventure awaits and ya be sure to hear lively words like “doubloons,” “scallywags,” “landlubbers,” and Davy Jones Locker” woven into casual conversation. Yo-ho-ho.

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