Another eye-opening experience in Haiti

Today was an unbelievable day in Haiti. Jeff worked all night in the ER. Pediatric nurse practitioner, Tracey Herstich, and critical care doctor, John Pope, covered the intensive care unit, and I was in the clinic.

With the help of a medical interpreter, I saw more than 16 patients. I treated the majority of them — and would have admitted them to the hospital by our standards, but these children had to go home.

One mother brought in a 6-day-old neonate, who has been vomiting green emesis (bile) since birth and has not had a bowel movement.

We confirmed a likely obstruction, and asked for a surgery consult, but when will that come?

So much is needed here. Though there is such sadness in healthcare tools, there are such amazing people. We are exhausted, but ready for more tomorrow.

Read more about their Haiti medical mission.

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  1. sdeericks@yahoo.com' sdeericks says:

    Thank you for writing this and for the wonderful photos. Dr. Kempf saved my son’s life a year ago on Thanksgiving – at Akron Children’s. I cannot thank all of you enough for all that you do. My eyes are filled with tears just thinking of what a difference you are making in Haiti. Thank you.

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