Sharing a few golden moments as Doggie Brigade volunteer

My husband, Don, and I have been members of Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade since 2006 and have been visiting with our Golden Retriever Logan. He is a very special guy, and a very special golden.

I have three goldens, but Logan was born to do this. He loves three things in life, being cuddled (which he gets at the hospital), playing with his ball, and of course, eating all of those treats.

On one of our visits, I was walking down the hall with Logan on my way to the elevator. There was a family approaching with a small toddler right behind. They asked if they could pet Logan, and of course, we told them that is exactly why we were in the hospital.

I put Logan in a down position since the child was so small, and the little boy approached Logan and began to pet him. When I saw the little boy, his eyes were tearing and were very blood shot and swollen. His Mom told me he had a procedure on his eyes that day, and they were on their way home.

Soon the little boy took Logan’s nose in his hands, and as soon as Logan saw the little boy’s eyes, he sat up and placed his nose on the little boy’s shoulders. It was almost as if Logan was in some way saying to the little boy “don’t worry, it will get better”.

Both the Mom and I could feel a tear in our own eyes. It is amazing how these dogs are so intuitive and so caring.

When you watch these dogs work their magic, it fills your heart to see the joy they can bring, if only for a few minutes.

On another visit to the hospital, we could hear a little girl crying and crying from her room. I asked the nurse if I could take Logan to see her. Apparently this little girl was very afraid of needles, and they had been trying to get an IV in her arm all day, without any luck.

I brought Logan in to see her, and since Logan has been through a couple of surgeries himself and has first-paw experience with IV’s, we told the little girl our story. She asked if Logan could get on the bed with her.

With the nurse’s permission, we put a sheet down and put Logan on the bed next to her. Logan just laid his head down on her leg, and allowed the little girl to hold on to his paw while the nurse put the IV in, successfully!

After the IV was in, Logan raised his head as if to say to the little girl, “See, we did it”.

Logan has also done many events out in the community. My husband and I so enjoy volunteering with Logan.

When someone thanks us for bringing in our dog, we always say, “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to let Logan love on these kids. It’s as much an uplifting experience for us as it is for those we visit!”

Have you been touched by our Doggie Brigade? We’d love to hear your story, or you can comment on this post.

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