Calling Dr. Dog

I am very proud to be a nurse at Akron Children’s Hospital and I’m even more proud to have been a member of the Akron Children’s Hospital Doggie Brigade with my beloved dog, Gilda!

Many people don’t quite understand the role of the Doggie Brigade but the patients sure do.

Some days we would visit kids who were just happy to have a dog in their room instead of another member of the medical staff. Some days our visits brought lots of little smiles even for a brief second.

Other days, Gilda’s presence helped a post-op patient to get up and walk down the hall just so they could pet her or interact with her.

These small moments of respite that a Doggie Brigade visit often gives to patients and their families is what makes it such a wonderful program. We will long cherish our time in the incredible Doggie Brigade!

Have you been touched by our Doggie Brigade? We’d love to hear your story, or you can comment on this post.

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