Learning a lot from Summer Pediatric Research Scholars Program

Orientation, presentations, reading journal articles, collecting data, walks after lunch, shadowing, manuscripts, group meetings, rounds, data analysis… I could describe my first six weeks of Akron Children’s Summer Pediatric Research Scholars (SPRS) Program as nothing less than amazing.

As a SPRS student, I have gained invaluable medical experience, have become friends with 12 other students who also have a passion for medicine, and have learned a great deal about medical research.

Working in Akron Children’s burn unit has taught me that when it comes to patient nutrition, nothing can be guaranteed. I have analyzed numerous medical charts to determine if, over the past three years, patients met their caloric and protein goals within three days of injury.

I have also determined the causes and frequencies of the various interruptions that result in nutrition deficits for these severely burned patients. With only three and a half weeks left, I have completed my data analyses, created a presentation, and am now writing an abstract to submit to the Eastern Great Lakes Burn Care Conference.

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