Video: A day in the life of a Doggie Brigade member

Brandie. That’s what they call me. To be more precise, I’m a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. My human’s name is Don and he’s great – he’s always giving me biscuits, playing catch with me, and he even takes me swimming. It’s a pretty good life with Don and his wife, Nancy.

I live in Tallmadge with my two daughter pups, Dixie and Rosie, and my granddaughter pup, Katie. Dixie and Rosie are the color of hot fudge just like me, but Katie has a tawny coat. Katie thinks she’s the boss at our house.

My human likes to call me a wiggle butt – that’s because I always wag my tail. And I am always in a good mood.

That’s how I got to be a member of the Doggie Brigade, a special group of dogs that visit with miniature humans at Akron Children’s Hospital. I’ve been in the Brigade for six years.

In fact, I’m going to the hospital today! You can follow along by watching this video.

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