#DogBrigade Infographic: Ruff estimates

Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade has brought joy, comfort and sloppy kisses to sick kids and their families for 20 years. Each week, our child life specialists generate a list of patients whose doctors have approved a dog visit.

As an employee at Akron Children’s, I’ve also experienced first-hand how much of an impact these cuddly canines have on staff, too.

In addition to their regular visits to the hospital, these dedicated volunteers also attend special events such as our Kids Are Number One Run, the Holiday Tree Festival and the Change Bandit Bash. In fact, they participated in 24 special events last year.

And just like some of our patients, we have some pooches with special needs. Like Handsome, who’s deaf. And Gracie, who has three legs. Both Handsome and Gracie work with children in our physical and occupational therapy department.

While our Doggie Brigade has grown significantly over the past two decades, other things haven’t changed much, such as the most popular breeds and the dogs’  favorite treats.


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