Video: Doggie Brigade delivers the right brand of medicine for busy news crew at FOX 8

Fox 8 News is known for being an animal friendly media outlet, thanks in part to longtime meterologist and animal rights enthusiast Dick Goddard.

So it was no surprise to me yesterday morning to be driving down Dick Goddard Drive to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie Brigade at the station. My passengers were Instructor Ken McCort and the Doggie Brigade team of Justin Couch and his adorable puggle, Marley.

After sniffing around the grounds a bit, we were welcomed to the Green Room by the always gracious morning show producer Margaret Daykin.

Everyone of course was mostly interested in Marley. Soon after, practically every Fox 8 staffer had to stop their morning routine for a pet and a kind word.

It was when Morning Show anchor Kristi Capel took advantage of a commercial break to introduce herself to this fine pup that it dawned on me. Marley was having a similar effect on the news crew as he does on our patients and staff.

When you look into this dog’s expressive face, especially his captivating eyes, you instantly feel your blood pressure dropping. When you massage his soft wrinkles, you forget about the stresses of getting up early, fighting traffic and making a live TV interview.

Not surprisingly, McCort and Couch were also at ease as the bright lights shone on them. Marley was practically asleep, he was so relaxed.

What better ambassador than Marley to show the tremendous impact these dogs have had on our patients the past 20 years?

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