The healing power of the Doggie Brigade

Our daughter, AmberHaze, had a long stay at Akron Children’s Hospital due to cancer. While my daughter had countless stays as an inpatient, she knew she could ALWAYS count on Doggie Brigade member Sammy and his mommy, Barbara, to cheer her up, even on the days she felt her worst and just wanted to cuddle with her puppy.

There was a time AmberHaze became so sick with a post-secondary infection she almost didn’t make it. She spent quite some time on life support and underwent many surgeries to be where she is today.

When AmberHaze had to learn how to walk again, Sammy was there to help here. He was her rock. The service the Doggie Brigade provides to children goes above and beyond service.

Thank you for your love, support, guidance, thoughtfulness, caring, etc. We love you Sammy and Barbara and thank you for showing my daughter compassion and the love to help her heal and for her to have faith in herself to push herself everyday. Due to that, you are walking angels among us!!

Have you been touched by our Doggie Brigade? We’d love to hear your story, or you can comment on this post.

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