I’m so excited for the NICU reunion I can’t sleep!

Bekah has been sleeping through the night for months (except for a few times off and on that we’ve decided to blame on getting teeth), but for the last few days it seems that I am the one who can’t sleep…yep, I’m THAT EXCITED!

We’ve been waiting for the NICU Reunion, well, since Bekah was discharged from the NICU in January. Before we left we had already started planning to meet our newfound friends at the Reunion, and now, after what seemed like just a few days, months have passed and it’s almost time to start packing up the car for a day at the Summit County Fairgrounds!

Sure, we saw some of our friends at the Walk for Babies, and we saw Bekah’s TLC roommate and her family just a few weeks ago at a benefit at the Noble County Fairgrounds. None of that changes the fact that WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE!

We are, and will always be, grateful for the time we spent in the Akron Children’s Hospital NICU. As we flipped the calendar page to October a few weeks ago, we realized just how far we’ve come since those NICU days. Bekah will be one in less than a month, and I’ll admit that I can’t think about her birthday without a subtle mix of emotions.

It’s still a little difficult to comprehend that a year ago we were full of excitement, planning the addition of a beautiful, perfect, healthy baby sometime mid-December.

We’ve become such different people since then. It seems that as our plans changed, we did too. And through the past 11 months we’ve enjoyed watching the changes in Rebekah, and noticing the changes in ourselves too…well, except for the fact that my right arm is becoming HUGE from carrying her around…that change I’ll be glad to hide under long sleeved shirts for the winter!

On Sunday, the day of the Reunion, it will be exactly nine months since we left the NICU, and there hasn’t been a single day that we haven’t thought about how lucky we were to have spent ten weeks there. That is why we are so excited for Sunday.

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