Future Fitness Club helps our son socially and physically

I want to thank Melody Case, the future fitness coordinator for Akron Children’s Mahoning Valley, for the opportunity to have our son, Daniel, participate in the Kohl’s Future Fitness Club at the Central Branch YMCA in Youngstown.

Daniel is a bright 11 year old who also has ADHD. This program allows him to work off excess energy and get the exercise he so needs while also having a blast.  He’s not interested in sports, so he lacks the social experience as well as the exercise that comes along with it.

But he does want to play with his cousins and friends. It always comes down to a sport and competition. In turn, Daniel will resort to video games, computers or reading.

As a parent, it’s heart-wrenching. I want him to feel as though he’s part of an activity.  At the “Y,” he has made friends, and has had the chance to exercise (play as he thinks of it) with children who are on the same activity level as he is.  “Misfits” who are no longer “miss fitness.”

This program is also very affordable to us, as parents, who would love to, but can’t afford a membership to join the “Y.”

It has given Daniel a sense of belonging and has helped him become more active while having a great time…not to mention directing his energy in a positive direction.

Please keep us informed of any future activities you may sponsor for children of this age group.  We would love to have him participate!

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