Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: Christmas Sage and Crimson Beauty

Donated by Jeff and Eun White, “Christmas Sage and Crimson Beauty” radiates sophistication and elegance.

Lori Reilly, who has been a decorator at the Tree Festival for 25 years, incorporated her work as a florist into this year’s design. Glitter-embossed calla lilies and butterflies shimmer throughout the tree.

But she said the real inspiration comes from the decorative sage ribbon wrapped around the tree.

“In times of economic downtown, people return to their Christmas comfort zones – usually reds and greens. That’s one of the reasons that I chose shades of those colors,” said Reilly.

Champagne and copper ornaments add a bright contrast from the deep cranberry reds and forest greens on this beautiful tree.

To see this tree and other holiday creations, visit the Holiday Tree Festival, Nov. 17-25, at the John S. Knight Center. Admission is free. For more information, visit akronchildrens.org/treefestival.

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