Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: Gateway to Christmas

For many, Christmas cannot come too soon. It creeps its way into the fall, and many welcome it with open arms. “Gateway to Christmas” ushers in the winter months, while still acknowledging the fall season.

“The tree is done in the fall colors because it’s not truly Christmas yet,” said Douglas Haines, the decorator. “When you walk through something, you’re going to another direction, so this is ‘The Gateway to Christmas.’”

Two iron gates rest upon the wooden archway that covers the tree, and several lanterns hang from the pergola. Orange and gold fall leaves intertwine with the brass and copper bulbs. Together, they seamlessly blend the two seasons.

The tree was donated by Douglas Haines and Company and The Brick House Tavern and Tap.

To see this tree and other holiday creations, visit the Holiday Tree Festival, Nov. 17-25, at the John S. Knight Center. Admission is free. For more information, visit akronchildrens.org/treefestival.

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