Tech Tuesday: Chuggington app makes learning traffic safety fun for kids


The Chuggington app is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Producers of the Chuggington TV series and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have come together to create a fun learning app about childhood traffic safety.

The free app, called Chuggington: Be Safe!,  is immediately engaging. Appropriate for preschool and school-age kids, the app begins by asking children to take the Safety Pledge.

Simple activities allow children to select the correct safety behaviors of wearing a seatbelt, crossing the street with an adult, and wearing a bike helmet.

The correct answers are easy to select and images are easy to understand. After answering three questions, the child is a Safety Trainee.

The app even includes a Traffic Safety Badge Quest game, which asks the child to choose one of three Disney Jr. Chugger characters to move during the game. Throughout the game, the kid’s chosen Chugger lands on spaces where they’re asked additional safety questions about seat belt, bicycle, motor vehicle and school bus safety.

chuggington-appThe questions are preschool appropriate and the child is guided to the correct answer if he doesn’t select it at first.

The app also provides coloring pages of the Chuggington characters. Children can transfer colors from virtual paint pots onto one of three Chuggington images.

The app is a great activity for children to learn basic traffic safety rules. In order to support children in safe behaviors, I recommend parents play the app along with their children the first time around.

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