Change Bandit Spotlight: Carmen Mozzochi 2013 marks cancer survivor's ninth year as Change Bandit

Carmen,-webCarmen Mozzochi spent six months at Akron Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with childhood leukemia. Carmen is so thankful for the doctors and friends she made at Akron Children’s. This is her ninth year as a Change Bandit, and she is “looking forward” to once again participating in the Radiothon. The “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” Radiothon airs Feb. 7-9 on 98.1 WKDD.

My name is Carmen. I am 11-years-old, and I am a cancer survivor. I was 2-years-old when I was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia), a form of childhood leukemia.

I spent six months at Akron Children’s Hospital. My mom, dad and brother, Anthony, stayed with me the entire time I received my treatments.

I made many friends while I was in the hospital. When I come in for checkups, I make sure I visit them all. My doctor was Dr. Patton, and she is the greatest.

I have been a Change Bandit for nine years. Last year I raised almost $1,000. I look forward to participating in the “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” Radiothon.

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