Change Bandit Spotlight: Tommy Dick Doctors’ efforts helped Tommy walk

Tommy, webTommy Dick’s parents were told by local doctors that Tommy was going to have to have many surgeries to repair his club feet. After many trips to Akron Children’s Hospital, castings, years in a brace and only one surgery, Tommy is now a healthy 7-year-old. Tommy’s family has decided to sign up to be a Change Bandit this year and raise money for the “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” Radiothon, which airs Feb. 7-9 on 98.1 WKDD.

My son, Tommy, was diagnosed with bilateral club feet when I was pregnant.

When I delivered him, I was seen by a local doctor who talked about doing many, many surgeries early on.

Tommy developed an ulcer on the back of his knee because of his casts, and it became infected when he was less than a week old. We were sent immediately to Akron Children’s.

As scary as it was, it was truly a blessing! Tommy was seen by Dr. Mark Adamczyk, who promised me from our very first visit, he would treat and make decisions on treatment as if Tommy was one of his own children. He absolutely kept his promise to me.

After many weekly visits, castings, years in a brace and only one surgery, Tommy is now a healthy, happy and fast 7-year-old.

I have a feeling if it wasn’t for Akron Children’s, Tommy would not have the ability to walk as he does today! In a million years, I could never thank Akron Children’s and Dr. Adamczyk enough.


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