Another special day at Children’s

Aiden receives visit from Doggie Brigade after surgery.

Aiden receives visit from Doggie Brigade after surgery.

Last month, my 11-year-old son, Aiden, had an outpatient surgical procedure performed at Akron Children’s. I work for the hospital’s foundation as a grant writer, so I had written many times about the wonderful patient care our staff provides, but experiencing it first-hand was truly inspiring.

From admission to waiting while the procedure was performed to being released, every step of the day was handled efficiently and by a courteous, friendly staff member.

My son, his father, and I were informed of what would be done, how it would be done, what to expect, etc. It was both validating and empowering for all of us.

While in recovery, my son received a visit from Dixie, a member of the Doggie Brigade, and was given a stuffed animal that he ended up naming after the dog who had visited him.

Including the dog’s handler, we were helped by 3 volunteers during the 4-5 hours we were at the hospital.

I also cannot say enough about the volunteers with whom we interacted that day; it was clear that they, too, are proud to be a part of Akron Children’s Hospital.

My son left healthier than he had arrived, but he also left with a feeling about Akron Children’s: he felt special, and for that, I will always be a grateful parent and a proud employee of Akron Children’s Hospital.

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