Singing for supper Harvest for Hunger Idol competition provides money, meals for local food banks

Carrie ClaypoolThe judges, the spotlights, the contestants channeling their best John Mayer, Usher and Whitney Houston.

Akron Children’s looked a lot like American Idol on March 7 when 10 employees performed at the Harvest for Hunger Idol, an annual fundraiser for the Akron/Canton and Mahoning Valley food banks.

Employees gathered in the hospital’s Sherman Auditorium to cheer on LaTanya Stone (NeuroDevelopmental Science Center), David Green (Food Services), Jackie Fuller (Nursing Administration), Fred Linxweiler (Volunteer Services), Matthew Nelson and Darrell Music (Environmental Services and Pharmacy), Carrie Claypool (Health Information Management), Sandy Murvine (Information Services), Brandyn Costa (Food Services), Amanda Crago, (Volunteer Services, Beeghly), and Sarah Tobias (Expressive Therapy Center).

Who will be our next Idol? Will it be Jackie, who belted out a sassy “I Will Survive”? Maybe it will be Brandyn, who performed John Mayer’s “Gravity” with a nod to Lenny Kravitz.

(Pictured L-R) Felisha Bass (judge), Fred Linxweiler, Matthew Nelson, Carrie Claypool, LaTanya Stone, Brandyn Costa, Amanda Crago, Darrell Music, Sandy Murvine, David Green, Jackie Fuller, Brian Hollingsworth (judge), Sarah Tobias, Sondra Gohlke (judge)Will Sarah’s sweet rendition of “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow,” accompanied by ukulele, translate into the most votes or will smooth and soulful David, who sang “U Got it Bad,” take the prize?

You can still watch the performances online at the Akron Children’s Hospital YouTube channel.

In addition to the Idol competition, Akron Children’s employees conduct many other events and activities to collect food and money, including bake sales, chili cook-offs, jeans days, and raffles.

This year, Akron Children’s goal is to collect enough money and food to equal 100,000 meals. During the past 15 years, the hospital has collected more than 43,736 pounds of food and raised more than $148,416 for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Mahoning Valley.

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