Pretty poisons: Harmful substances that look good enough to eat (Video)

pretty-poisonsDetergent “pods” that look like marshmallows and gummy vitamins that are identical to their candy counterparts are part of a growing number of potential poisons that – to a child – may look good enough to eat.

“Manufacturers are now making products very colorful, bright and they smell good,” said Gia Ramsey, Safe Kids coordinator for Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley. “To a child, that’s very attractive and they may be curious to what something tastes like or what something smells like and may get into something that they shouldn’t.”

Nine out of every 10 poisonings among children occur in the home, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

During National Poison Prevention Week, March 17-23, 2013, Ramsey encourages parents to help prevent poisonings by identifying and placing potentially harmful substances out of a child’s reach.

Gia Ramsey

Gia Ramsey

“It’s very important that when we are looking around our home that we are noticing what in our home may  be considered a poison for our child,” she added. “Although you may not think a child would be apt to put one (poisonous item) in their mouth, you may want to definitely think about putting them in a locked cabinet.”

In the following video, Ramsey identifies many of these “pretty poisons,” illustrating how they’re similar in appearance to many foods, beverages and other products considered safe for a child.

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