Meet Peightyn, Our Tiniest Hero (Videos) Prenatal blood transfusions were life-saving treatment for Peightyn



Our TV campaign this year focuses on the lives of five children who allow us to walk with them on the other side of “better.” Here’s the story of 8-month-old Peightyn and her mom, Ashleigh Millat.

By the time Peightyn was born, she had already received three blood transfusions. That’s because at 26-weeks pregnant, her mom, Ashleigh, developed antibodies against her unborn baby’s blood type, which caused Peightyn’s organs to swell and her body to begin to shut down.

Peightyn also developed severe anemia and experienced an extremely low red blood cell count.

Once doctors discovered the condition, Peightyn was immediately given a blood transfusion through the umbilical cord. She underwent multiple transfusions until she was born at 34 weeks.

After spending nine days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Akron Children’s Hospital, her parents brought their happy and healthy baby home to be with them and her older sister.

Ashleigh brings Peightyn in to see NICU staff who cared for her.

Ashleigh brings Peightyn in to visit the Maternal Fetal Medicine staff who cared for her.

Even though she was born so early and in the NICU, Peightyn is now completely caught up and even ahead developmentally. Thanks to the care at Akron Children’s, she’s a perfectly normal, healthy baby.

Her mom Ashleigh always wanted a lot of kids.

“When we found out about my condition, it was like someone took my ability to have kids away from me – that was before I knew how Akron Children’s could complete our family,” she said. “[Peightyn] has been such a fighter throughout all this. Even in the NICU, she fought to get home.”

What’s Ashleigh’s favorite thing about her baby daughter? Her smile.

“We just have fun. I try not to let any moment pass by because you never know how life can change.”

Listen to the radio spot featuring Peightyn


Watch the 2 TV spots featuring Peightyn below.

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