Doctors’ Day was like a big group hug

DocDay2013On March 30, we asked our Facebook fans to help us celebrate Doctors’ Day by offering a shout out to their favorite Akron Children’s Hospital doctors. The response was overwhelming.

Everyone has enjoyed reading the comments – from the doctors themselves to other patient families and staff.

Here are a few comments that made us smile.

Shannon Perné-Simons:   Dr. Hudgins and Dr. Jones are lifesavers! Our 2 ½ year old son Will has spina bifida and hydrocephalus which has required 3 surgeries as well as his needing 2 surgeries on his legs/feet. Will is doing excellent and after only being out of his casts for less than 2 weeks, he started walking independently on March 15! All of Will’s doctors are amazing but these two have changed his life. We love Akron Children’s!

Cassie Davis: Dr. Murthy is such an incredible doctor! I always tell my husband if he ever left Akron Children’s I’d move to wherever he goes just so my son could continue to see him. He is so comforting and just an amazing and talented doctor! We also appreciate Dr. Hertle and Dr. Hudgins too. Everyone my son has come in contact with from the Craniofacial Clinic to the Vision Center has been amazing!

Angie Campbell Anderson: Dr. Feick! She has always been there for our family throughout my pregnancy, delivery, NICU, and ever since! She is a phenomenal doctor, but most important, she was always so caring and compassionate with us and our son Austin! He is 7 years old now, 16 surgeries later, and healthy as ever! I give thanks to God daily for healing my son, but also for bringing Dr. Feick into our life!  Also Dr. Pittinger! He has had a very special bond with my son Austin his whole seven years! Not only is he a very phenomenal surgeon, but he has always been there for Austin when others would seem to give up! I believe God healed my son, and got him through 16 surgeries, but I also believe that he blessed us with Dr. Pittinger!

Jennifer Johnson: Dr. Holder gave us hope; Dr Hudgins keeps us going! Xoxoxo

Linda Coverdale Goe: Holy cow! How can we pick just one? We have seen so many that have been fabulous and caring. Thanks to ALL of the docs who have treated our son since birth, well actually, in utero!

Kristen Blinn: Dr. White has got my kids through many crisis medical issues! If it weren’t for his commitment to my family, my kids wouldn’t be so healthy! We love Akron Children’s doctors!

Liz Heller: Dr. Pope. I have no doubt that our son would not be here if it was not for him. He quickly assessed our son and got him on the road to recovery. When the test results came in confirming his diagnosis he ran from his office to tell us! My son is a very healthy 12 year old now, and has not seen Dr. Pope since he was 2 weeks old but knows his name and knows Dr. Pope saved him! Thank you!

Allisa Whitt: A great big shout out to Dr. Friebert. She is amazing. My daughter loved her and trusted her so much. So way to go Dr. Friebert. Keep up the great work that you do.

Lisa Mulinix: Dr. Savelli is a wonderful doctor. She helped my son through lymphoma cancer. We couldn’t have asked for a better doctor!

Melissa Chafe Dobbins: We love Dr. Schrader. My daughter had two hip surgeries by the time she was 7 months old, and he was wonderful. She will be going to him until she is at least 15 years old (9 more years). Matter of fact we have an appointment with him April 3 for a check up to see if everything is still going ok.

Michelle Rosalind: Dr. Congeni! :) He is so encouraging and has helped me to stay positive that my back will feel better. I have had spondylolysis and a herniated disk/annular tear, which have taken a very, very long time to heal. I still can’t be active. The encouragement from Dr. Congeni and my physical therapist in sports med/rehab has been so great. They’ve helped me to overcome depression and discouragement as a result of my injury and I am so, so thankful!

Jackie Holmes: Many thanks to Dr. Mosher for many years of great care and patience with my son. Recently to Dr. Baird for his great care; also Dr. Handler & Kerwyn Jones for their great surgical skills in his many surgeries & Dr. Hudgins. This team has always, as well as the Day Rehab staff has always been great with our son!

Rheannon Dick: Dr. Mark Adamczyk! Without him, my son wouldn’t be walking!

Kathy Burbick Pomeroy: Dr. Sheryl Handler. We adore her. She has operated on our daughter several times with many more to come, and we always know she is in the best hands. I trust her implicitly.

Andrea Miller Walter: All of the PICU doctors were amazing – Drs. Wendorf, Besunder, Bigham. They were all genuine, professional and compassionate :) Thank you!

And our comment to all: Not all heroes wear capes, but all Akron Children’s Hospital doctors are heroes. We feel very privileged they choose to care for our kids.

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