Our stay at Akron Children’s

Amarallis Demos

Amarallis Demos

My 4-month-old daughter was admitted to Akron Children’s about a month ago. We had no idea what was wrong.

The doctors in the ER at Cambridge thought it was some sort of new virus that was going around. She was admitted with a fever of 103.

I lost a son seven years ago to a heart defect, so when the doctors said they were transporting her to Akron, I freaked.

But when we got there, everyone was so helpful and understanding. They found the cause of my daughter’s problem very quickly and treated her.

We were there for four days, and every day the nurses and doctors were so helpful. They also found a small heart murmur in my daughter.

When I told them how scared I was of her having the same problem my son did, they sent her for all sorts of EEG’s and different tests just to make me feel comfortable.

In the end, I’m so glad I was sent to Akron. I just want to thank all the doctors and nurses that helped us through this hard time. I will definitely recommend this hospital to friends and family.

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  1. She’s adorable! I hope she’s doing well now. :)

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