Peanut update: Making many more strides toward important milestones

JordanWe’ve had some small steps for our little man over the past few months.

During our physical therapy visit on Jan. 26, Jordan decided to take our breath away and take his first steps, using his walker all by his big boy self. Thank goodness for the video feature on my phone because we were able to capture this special milestone.

Of course, our little man doesn’t care to practice these adventures in the comfort of our home, but we have it on video and are assured by his performance that day.

He’s also doing great crawling up and down our basement stairs. The strength in his hips continues to become stronger and stronger. He also enjoys showing us his leg lifts, where he lays on his tummy and lifts his leg. Right now it’s limited to his left leg.

This illustrates what we’ve learned about spina bifida – not only is it specific to each child, but each side of the body as well. He has a little hip extension in his left leg against gravity, and it’s pretty limited on the right.

jordan-eatingWe’ve practiced standing at his parallel bars and kicking bowling pins over to help with one-legged standing.

I’m continually amazed at his comprehension of what we ask him to do. There are things we do that we don’t ask him to do. He just observes when we’re not looking. He loves to hold his bowl or plate and feed himself.

Since his adenoid/ear tube surgery he enjoys eating a variety of foods. His favorites are blueberries and grapes as well as yogurt.

We’ve tried to keep a healthy diet to help keep him at a healthy weight. At his 18 month appointment in December, he was down because he had lost his appetite when he was sick for 2 months. We went back a couple of weeks ago for a recheck and he’s gained 3 lbs.

When he’s hungry for something he goes into the kitchen and brings out his little pointer saying, “uh uh!!” He usually points toward his animal crackers.

Jordan standing and playing at workshopWe continue to work on his expressive language development. In fact we are on a speech waiting list to give him a little boost.

He is able to show you what he wants or what you ask. His speech continues to progress since his surgery now that his hearing isn’t being affected.

In fact he turned his head to toward the window the other day as a helicopter flew by.

We are so thankful we were able to have his adenoids taken out and ear tubes put in. During our follow up to see Dr. Milo he said that Jordan’s hearing is above where it should be.

What a relief! We were worried about his hearing being affected after getting ear infection after ear infection.

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