Axl has gone one year without needing revisions to his shunt, thanks to Dr. Roger Hudgins


My son, Axl Gallagher, was born with hydrocephalas (fluid on the brain). We got the news when he was 4 weeks old after he rolled off the couch.

Axl had his first shunt placed at 5 weeks old by the late Dr. Henry Bartkowski. Exactly 5 weeks later he ended up with his first shunt infection and was flown to Akron Children’s via Air Bear.

Axl has had 2 shunt infections and numerous shunt malfunctions. In the fall of 2011, Dr. Roger Hudgins had to place another shunt on the left side after discovering a fluid pocket on the left side. Axl now has bilateral VP shunts.

Axl’s last revision was May 3, 2012, so today (May 3,2013) we celebrated him making it a year revision free thanks to Dr. Roger Hudgins, nurse practitioner Holly and the nursing staff on 7100,  and the excellent care he received from all of those wonderful people named above.

Making a year revision free has been such a great accomplishment for Axl and we are so thrilled. We are looking for many more years of being revision free.

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