The tooth about teething (Video)

boy-smilingA child’s first teeth are an exciting milestone for parents and baby alike, although some kids will wait longer than others for their pearly whites to pop through.

Teething generally starts anywhere between 4 months, but it can be as late as 15 months, and anywhere between those time frames is a normal time for teeth to be erupting,” said Dr. Joel Davidson, a pediatrician with the Locust Pediatric Care Group at Akron Children’s Hospital.

When a child gets started, Dr. Davidson noted that there will be no mistaking the symptoms that accompany the aches and pains in a child’s gums.

“There’s some pretty typical signs associated with the onset of teething,” said Dr. Davidson. “One of the biggest is drooling. Children can be a little fussier than normal, want to kind of chew and suck a little more often than they were previously.”

He was careful to note that fever is not a symptom of teething. Any temperature greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit should be checked by a child’s doctor.

In the following video, Dr. Davidson also discusses several methods to help soothe a child during the teething process, noting that parents should avoid using anything frozen.

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