A grad party like no other


Taylor Tonty (back row, 2nd from left) with her friends.

Taylor Tonty from Sharpesville, Pa., was recently a patient on our pediatric floor on the Beeghly campus in Boardman. When she found out she was going to miss her 5th grade graduation because she was in the hospital, she was extremely disappointed and began to cry.

To lift her spirits, the staff decided to have a celebration on the unit. Taylor’s mom invited several of her closest friends the evening of graduation day. A room was specially decorated and to mark the occasion, Taylor wore the dress she had planned to wear to her commencement ceremony.


Taylor Tonty

Taylor’s sister, friends, parents and a school board official came and Taylor was presented with a diploma from the hospital as well as her real diploma.

She also received an award for being the top student in her class for science and language arts – quite an accomplishment! As part of the fun, Taylor and her friends made chocolate graduation caps and then played Apples to Apples.

Taylor was given copies of pictures from her celebration and she has already made a scrap book. Her friends said being with her at the hospital was better than the real graduation.

I’m so glad we were able to provide this event for Taylor. When you are a child, you can be quite heartbroken when you miss some of these milestones. It may not have been the real graduation ceremony, but it was a ceremony she will never forget.

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