Through the eyes of a father: Life at Akron Children’s Hospital Part 1: The birth

Brigham family - (L-R) Kyle, Emily, Kaylee, Jordyn, Anna, Ken and mom

(L-R) Brigham family – Kyle, Emily, Kaylee, Jordyn, Anna, Ken and Carrie

This is part 1 of a 3-part series.

My name is Kenny Brigham. I was 40 years old 27 months ago with 4 beautiful children, a wonderful wife and another child on the way – a daughter we were prepared to name Jordyn Grace Marie.

It was Feb. 11, 2011, at 5 a.m. when my wife’s water broke and we began our venture to Robinson Memorial Hospital for the arrival of our daughter, but not before I updated my Facebook status, a detail that would prove to be a blessing to many who witnessed what was about to occur.

It was a day we had been waiting for as we battled a few minor difficulties throughout her pregnancy. At the hospital we quickly settled in, resting and waiting for contractions to come more quickly. Mind you my wife had opted to go through labor without pain medication and with a midwife, supporting her decision to go all natural.

After several hours, it was determined that Jordyn was breech, making it necessary to go into emergency mode and perform a C-section.

This became a scary moment. Was the baby in distress? Was she OK?

Mom was whisked out of the room and I was left thinking of all that was about to take place. I hit the floor in prayer asking God, “Why? How could this happen?” But most importantly, praying it would be alright.

Before long, I joined Carrie in the surgical room, and we witnessed the birth of our baby girl at 8:35 p.m.

All went well through the evening as the doctors made their rounds to examine this beautiful creation we were blessed to meet. What we did not know was that by early morning, the nurses would discover a severe abnormality that would need immediate attention.

Ken holding Jordyn in NICU

Ken holding Jordyn in NICU

Within 30 minutes of this discovery, we were greeted by a team of professionals from Akron Children’s Hospital who placed her in an incubator for transport aboard the mobile intensive care unit.

What happened next is not for the faint of heart. It would make this grown man cry tears of the unknown, sorrow and overwhelming disbelief that this could happen to my bundle of joy.

What was about to take place was an experience and my personal testimony will show not only the unconditional love and support of those within the walls of Akron Children’s Hospital but would also touch thousands of hearts – all because a team of men and woman wake up every day to save lives.

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