Cerebral Palsy Take Me Out To The Ballpark Event (Photo Gallery)


Children with cerebral palsy face obstacles every day – games they can’t play, places they can’t go, experiences they can’t share like other kids.

But each summer, the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff of Akron Children’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center and the Rehabilitation Department plan an outing just for them.


The “Take Me Out to the Ballpark” event, held Aug. 24, is part carnival, part picnic, and, best of all, a place to celebrate just what these special kids can do.

With a little thought and ingenuity, they can play carnival games and make crafts too. They can get a photo taken in the ShutterBooth and have their faces painted.


And for one night, they can reverse the tables on their hospital care providers.

Highlights of the event always include the “pin a shot on the doc” game (think pin the tail on the donkey) and the ever-popular “dunk the doctor.”


The doctors got very wet, much to the delight of the kids throwing balls – or just pushing – the target.

The evening also included dinner, resource booths for families, costumed characters, visits from Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade and fun social time between families and medical staff away from appointments and exams.


All the fun took place in and around the Considine Professional Building, and then the families took a short walk over the canal bridge to Canal Stadium for more excitement at an Akron Aeros baseball game.

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