Bekah’s heart looks even better

Bekah's story was featured on Akron Children's Miracles and Promises Radiothon in September.

Bekah’s story was featured on Akron Children’s Miracles and Promises Radiothon in September.

After participating in Akron Children’s Mahoning Valley radiothon, the Youngstown Heart Walk, and the Walk for Babies (all within a 5- day span), we felt that we couldn’t possibly feel better, or more excited, to be the parents of such a fun, silly, exciting little girl who has inspired us to do all of those things.

And then, we went to Bekah’s 6-month cardiology appointment with Dr. Vande Kappelle.

At Bekah’s appointment in March we had expected to hear that everything looked good, her patch was leaking the same as usual (she had what is called a “residual patch leak” because of the pressures in her heart after surgery), blah, blah, blah, see you in a year.

Bekah and her dad, Chris, wait to go into the zoo for Walk for Babies.

Bekah and her dad, Chris, wait to go into the zoo for Walk for Babies.

And then, there was a new leak at a valve, and the blah, blahs turned into “what do we do next,” and “how bad is that,” and “we’ll see you in 6 months to make sure it isn’t getting worse.”

We weren’t expecting any miracles at this appointment. We were really just hoping to hear that the leaks (new and old) hadn’t grown.

Bekah, for one of the very few times in her life, actually held still during the echocardiogram. That, if you know Bekah, is saying A LOT.


After the regular exam and echo were over, Chris and I sat waiting with Bekah to hear the verdict, knowing that (as always) we’d be doing whatever came next whether we liked it or not.

Dr. Vande Kappelle surprised us when he said that not only did it look like the residual patch leak was no longer there, but that the leak at the valve appeared to be less of a leak.

We had known that there was a possibility that Bekah’s heart could grow around the patch and close eventually, but no one had really sounded too hopeful that that would happen.

So, we waited, and prayed, and were pleasantly surprised…although we still aren’t sure that we’re happy about having to wait a whole YEAR to see Dr. Vande Kappelle again.

But since Bekah’s heart is looking so good, we think we’ll make it until at least next September without looking at her heart again.

Read the rest of the Plant family’s story through her blog, Following Your Heart.

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