Doggie Brigade encounter feels like home

Memphis, 4, with Dallice, who is three months old.

Memphis, 4, with Dallice, who is 3 months old.

I was in Akron Children’s Hospital this year with my newborn daughter.

On this particular night, there had been a tornado warning while I was in the Reinberger Center kitchen getting something to eat.

They started sealing off all the areas and I couldn’t get back to the NICU to be with her and we had to sit in the back hallway waiting for them to call that it was over.

I was trying to eat and being all worked up about not being able to get to my daughter and here comes the sweetest little golden retriever that sort of looked like my own dog. I felt so much better and almost as if I was at home with the dog staring at me while I was eating.

Her handler tried to tell her to leave me be but I enjoyed having a dog sit by my side while I was eating and feeling bad. It was just one of those moments that mattered and made the hospital seem like home.

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