What we thought was just asthma turned out to be a severe immune system disorder


My son, Paul, has been sick since almost 4 months old with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). For about 7-1/2 years we kept having doctors’ appointments and ER visits because he was diagnosed at a young age with asthma and was constantly sick.

His asthma doctor from Akron Children’s Robert T. Stone, MD, Respiratory Center said they had him on all high doses of medications, but it was not helping.

He was sent to Dr. Nancy Wasserbauer, who is an immunologist. She did blood work and discovered Paul has a selective immune system deficiency.

Paul has a severe immune system disorder

We started Gammagard infusions at the hospital almost 2 years ago. Since then he has only been sick a few times and on a low dose of one inhaler, compared to 5 different medicines that he was on.

Paul and Brooke

Paul and Brooke

We go to Akron every 4 weeks to see his favorite nurse (Lori) who gives him his infusion.

I wanted to share this to let other parents know asthma has a lot of the same symptoms as other illnesses. It could be something that should be looked into if the medicine isn’t working.

Thanks for everything Dr. Wasserbaurer and Lori have done to help Paul. He’s now 10 and doing so much better because of you ladies.

Thanks, too, to the Stone Respiratory Center for sending us to Dr. Wasserbauer’s office.

Paul goes through a depression stage sometimes, which is common with the infusions, but overall he is a very active boy. He plays baseball (pitcher, catcher and 1st baseman), and during the football season he’s a quarterback, wide receiver and running back. He does pretty good during school but he struggles with reading, which gets him upset.

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