How my son got stitches without knowing it


My 11-year-old son, Carson, was seen at the Hudson ER on February 2nd for a small laceration above his lip.

Doug Lehner was the ER personnel that took excellent care of us during our visit. My son was terrified to get stitches.

Doug slowly and calmly explained everything he was going to do. He showed him all the tools, the needle, the special silk thread, washing syringe, etc.

Doug’s voice was so soft and still it was amazing. He struck a deal with Carson and my son believed he was completely in control of how the procedure was going to go.

Carson trusted Doug 100%. The tears were still streaming down his cheeks but the panic was gone from his face. For me, the procedure felt like it took forever under the slow cadence of Doug’s voice.

Doug counted down, “One done, 2 more to go.”

Next, “Okay, 2 done, 1 more.”

And lastly, “Okay, we’re all done!”

When Doug completed the 3 sutures, my son was so relieved. Carson gave me permission to take a picture of his face. Doug left the room to get him a pop sickle.

While Doug was out of the room I showed Carson the picture. In shock he exclaimed, “WHAT?!, You didn’t tell me I was getting stitches!”

I laughed and said, “What do you think Doug was doing for the last half hour?”

Doug sutured my son’s lip without my son even knowing. Hilarious! Doesn’t get any better than that for a parent.

With 4 boys we've made plenty of trips to the ER over the years.

With 4 boys we’ve made plenty of trips to the ER over the years.

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