Akron Children’s saved our son’s life


My son has had multiple visits and extended stays at Akron Children’s. He has a condition that requires multiple specialists as well.

We love Akron Children’s and the care he has received there.

When he was 6 months old, he had surgery during the radiothon and received a blanket.

When he was 3, he spent 18 days in the hospital, with 9 of those days in the PICU battling pneumonia and RSV.

It happened to be during the radiothon again and he was given stuffed animals that brightened his day.

When he was 4, he ended up spending 5 days battling pneumonia (again during this event). It was such a blessing to have a stuffed animal donated.

Akron Children’s is amazing and this event is absolutely wonderful. As a parent who has spent many days in the hospital with a sick child, it was so uplifting to see the volunteers and donations come in over those days.

My son just lit up when he was given each gift. Thank you for all you do.

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