Heart healthy tips for kids: Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals to keep our body healthy.Don’t you just love the taste of fresh fruit?  Did you know that fruits and vegetables are important to eat at every meal?

Our bodies get a lot of vitamins and minerals from different colored fruits and vegetables that help our bodies be healthy. You should try to have at least 3 different colored foods at every meal. For example, at dinner you could fill a small plate with different foods that are green, red and orange.

The portion plate tells us that half of our food intake for every meal should be fruits and vegetables.  If you’re still hungry after a meal, more fruits and vegetables is always the best choice for second helpings.

Foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain products contain fiber, which helps with digestion. The best way to start getting more fruits and vegetables is to buy them instead of processed foods.

It’s much easier to eat fruits and vegetables when we don’t have other options like chips, candy and ice cream to fill us up. Make a habit to try one new fruit or vegetable every week.

And definitely eat a fruit and vegetable at every meal. Ask you parents to cut up vegetables and add them to smoothies or whatever they’re making for dinner. They’re easier to eat mixed in with other healthy foods.

You can be involved with making dinner and learn more about the food you’re eating.

February is American Heart Month!

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