American Girl Fashion Show provides lasting life lesson (PHOTOS)

Brianna, 10; Arianna, 8; and Julianna, 6 with their dolls.

Brianna, 10; Arianna, 8; and Julianna, 6 with their dolls.

Three years ago, I found an ad in a local paper seeking models for an upcoming American Girl Fashion Show® to benefit Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley. Since my girls – Brianna, 10; Arianna, 8; and Julianna, 6 – love the popular dolls and book series, it was a no-brainer for us to sign up.

After the first show, our whole family was hooked. The girls loved dressing up as their favorite characters – pretending they were dolls and wearing fun outfits. I loved seeing how happy and excited they were on stage. They’re definitely not shy!

As we prepared for our third fashion show this past weekend, I’m proud to say that what started out as a fun family activity has turned into a lasting life lesson for my daughters. Because, as they enjoy their time on stage, they’re also helping kids in their area by raising money for Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley.

As a family, we know firsthand the hospital’s benefits. With three growing and active kids, we’ve used the hospital a lot. You might say it’s been a part of our family for many years. All three of my girls have had surgery there, and one stayed overnight. We’ve been to the emergency room on several occasions. I honestly can’t say enough about the great extras that the hospital provides to make patients feel safe and comforted – from books and teddy bears to blankets and more. And they’re all things that fundraising helps implement.

I know that the girls enjoy the fact that they’re doing something to give back and help others. I’m thankful that my kids are very lucky and healthy for the most part, and I’m glad we can help the hospital as a family. It’s a win-win!

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