Bekah LOVES getting blood work done

Bekah is so proud after her blood work.

Bekah is so proud after her blood work.

After an unpleasant (thanks to an unruly toddler) trip to the eye doctor in January, I was not looking forward to our most recent visit with Dr. Lawhon.

But, in her usual Bekah form, my daughter surprised me again.

We had pretended to visit the eye doctor and had worked to prepare Bekah the first time, but we tried again, holding her head and telling her to “look up and down and all around” in order to practice.

Chris took the day off, and we set out for Dr. Lawhon’s Boardman office hoping for the best. I have to admit I was surprised, even though I shouldn’t have been. This time Bekah did everything Dr. Lawhon asked her to.

While we didn’t get to hear that we never need to come back, we did at least get a better idea of what is going on with Bekah’s “crazy” eyes.

And, while it doesn’t seem to be anything terrible (actually, it only happens when her chin is tucked down, and she is looking up…how often does that ever happen?), we’ll be going back every few months just to keep track of how things are developing.

For us, hearing that it was nothing too serious was the best news of the day. For Bekah, weird as she is sometimes, the best part of the day came after we left Dr. Lawhon’s office. Bekah LOVES getting blood work done.

Smiling while she waits at Dr. Lawhon's office.

Smiling while she waits at Dr. Lawhon’s office.

At her 2-year check-up, Dr. Yocum, Bekah’s pediatrician, ordered some routine blood work. The results came back showing that she was a little low on iron, so we started giving her some vitamins to see if that would bring her levels up to a more acceptable level.

After her eye exam we went for her follow-up blood work. You’d have thought she hit the lottery. Bekah absolutely LOVES the ladies who do the blood draw at the Boardman campus.

She walked in, popped up on the table, cranked a little at having to lay back while they took the blood, and then watched the whole process without so much as a whimper.

Her favorite part came when they wrapped her arm in the pink and purple bandage. She was the proudest little patient when they told her she could have the rest of the roll!

We ended up leaving with the Moose (which is actually a reindeer) that we took in, a new star pillow, and the scrap of a roll of bandage. The next time we go, we’re taking some things to give to them, instead of them always giving things to Bekah…or at the very least she isn’t getting anything else.

Yes, that’s right. It’s good that Bekah likes them, because there is going to be a next time here in a week or 2 for another blood draw. The last results showed that her iron level was normal now, but some other things were questionable.

But, I guess the good part is that while Chris and I sit around thinking of all of the possible things that could be wrong, Bekah’s already planning out what arm bandage to ask for.

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