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Puppy love, Sammy style


Sammy, loved and handled by Barbara McKelvey, loves his position as an official Doggie Brigader. And the feeling is mutual for Shannon Bitskay, a 13 year old undergoing treatment for lymphoma.

Why do I feel something is missing on Sam?


I am so used to seeing Bekah’s faint little open heart surgery scar on her chest that now I feel like something is missing when I see Sam.

Top 20 feel-good stories of 2013


In 2013, we published 449 stories on our blog, which ranged from news articles to patient and staff features. Some were created by our staff while others were submitted by parents of our patients. These blog posts took you inside the walls of Akron Children’s and showcased the special stories that happen here every day. […]

Welcome to the world, Samuel Ryan Plant

Plant family

Two years ago, when Bekah was born, we learned very quickly that things don’t always go exactly as planned. Maybe we’re slow learners, or maybe we’re just forgetful, but we were once again surprised by the entry of a baby into the world on Friday, Nov. 15.

Top 12 blog stories of 2012


As 2012 draws to a close we invite you to look back at our most popular blog posts of the 329 we’ve published this year to date. As they show, it’s been a special year at Akron Children’s Hospital. 1. Open plea to Justin Bieber Megan Parker is a 13-year-old girl with end-stage Ulrich’s progressive […]

The healing power of the Doggie Brigade

Amber and Sammy

Our daughter, AmberHaze, had a long stay at Akron Children’s Hospital due to cancer. While my daughter had countless stays as an inpatient, she knew she could ALWAYS count on Doggie Brigade member Sammy and his mommy, Barbara, to cheer her up, even on the days she felt her worst and just wanted to cuddle with her puppy.