Building bridges: Language Access grows to meet demand for services


Language Access interpreters have one goal: making healthcare at Akron Children’s Hospital accessible to all families, regardless of their cultural background or the language they speak.

Bigger than stranger danger: Social media and teens


How are parents supposed to monitor activity and protect their teens from online predators when using social media?

Reach Out and Read program prescribes books

Francine McBride (left) and Danae Chavez, from the Boardman ACHP, show off a new book that will be given to a child to help promote early literacy through the Reach Out and Read program.

The Reach Out and Read program gives children a new, age-appropriate book at every well visit

Critical Acclaim: Intensive care doctor wins Akron Children’s Distinguished Service Award

John and Sharon Pope have been married for 31 years and have 2 sons, Sean and Ryan.

Dr. John Pope won the 2013 Distinguished Service Award. Described as an unsung hero of the critical care department, Dr. Pope is a talented caregiver who gives back to the community and travels to Haiti on medical missions.

NICU nurse reunited with a patient after 23 years

Kevin recently reunited with Mary Kay Walsh, RN, who took care of him when he was in the NICU 23 years ago.

Denise Mitchell was about 6 months pregnant when she began having complications during her pregnancy. A visit to the doctor led her to be diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a life-threatening condition to both mother and baby.

Akron Children’s doctors among first in world to receive pediatric anesthesia board certification

Dr. Ibrahim Farid

Drs. Ibrahim Farid, Ross Agnor, Bradley Riemenschneider, Nancy O’Dell and Andrew Meyer were among the first pediatric anesthesiologists in the world to become Pediatric Anesthesia Board Certified.