Achoo: 6 things you should know about over-the-counter allergy medications


The over-the-counter availability of allergy nasal spray may lead to questions from allergy sufferers. To help eliminate confusion, Dr. Nancy Wasserbauer answer the 6 most common questions.

EarWell mold helps correct newborn’s congenital ear deformity


When the pediatrician told Jen and Matt Adams that their infant daughter’s ear had a congenital deformity, there was never a question of getting it fixed.

It’s all in the family when it comes to Goldendoodles

Diane Bratt and her dog Sophie hang out with the Thomas twins, of Youngstown.

Diane Bratt knows her beautiful goldendoodle Sophie is a diamond in the “ruff.” She’s one of those amazing dogs with just the right temperament to be a member of Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie Brigade.

Presurgery tours educate and empower kids and parents

They gave Sarah hospital socks to put on her bear.

When I learned that my youngest daughter, Sarah, would need surgery, I knew it was important to do the presurgery tour with her to help alleviate any fears she may have. The journalist in me also wanted to share the experience on our blog – through the fresh eyes of the other parents who were there.

Hearing impaired athlete inspired by deaf Seahawks player

Joe (left) plays flag football with his brother,Chris

If you try to tell 11-year-old Joe Gavriloff he can’t participate in sports because he’s deaf, he won’t listen. A starting lineman for the Kent All Ohio Youth Football Association, Joe’s team, the Rough Riders, participated in the league championship the past 2 years. This weekend, Joe will be rooting for the Seahawks and their […]

Light treatments, vitamin D supplements can help ease SAD symptoms

SAD symptoms, also called the winter blues, are very similar to other signs of depression.

If you’re getting a little tired of short days and long nights, you aren’t alone. Dr. Stephen Cosby, division director of psychiatry and psychology at Akron Children’s Hospital, estimates that about 7 to 8 percent of northeast Ohioans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).