Grieving a child on Father’s Day

Elijah and Dad

This isn’t your typical Father’s Day story about a superhero dad juggling many children with ease and grace, gathering them together for a barbecue picnic and receiving fabulous gifts from the heart. Instead, it’s about coping with grief, from the perspective of a father who lost a young child 4 years ago. His story resonates […]

Matthew Dellavedova inspires cancer patient after escorting her to prom


No one roots harder for Cavaliers’ point guard Matthew Dellavedova than Jackson High School senior Jackie Custer. Dellavedova was her prom escort in March at the Prom to Remember, after all.

Student inspires many along his journey to high school graduation


A lot of people in Brandon’s situation would feel sorry for themselves. But Brandon takes all of his challenges in stride, helping and inspiring everyone around him.

Expressions of caring: Surgeons leave their mark on surgical dressings


Dr. Robert Parry has been delighting his patients and staff with artistic surgical dressings for the past 20 years. Other doctors and staff have followed his lead adding their artistic talents.

Up on the rooftop, construction workers pause …


Last year, workers fashioned a Christmas tree powered by a car battery that was hoisted by one of our massive cranes each night. The cranes may be gone this year, but the holiday spirit remains. This year Santa is climbing to the 15-foot Christmas tree on the roof of our new Kay Jewelers Pavilion.

Surgeons reshape baby’s skull to correct rare form of craniosynostosis


Renae Kovacs may have been born without a soft spot, but her surgeons sure have a soft spot for her. Renae has a rare condition, called trigoncephaly metopic craniosynostosis, that causes the plates of a baby’s skull to fuse together too early to give the brain room to grow properly. Typical babies have a soft spot that allows room for growth.