Fall foliage especially designed to make patients, staff smile

The fabulous fall foliage painted on the windows that line our Locust bridge is thanks to 6 students at Chapel Hill Christian School’s North Campus, their dedicated art teacher and a couple of Akron Children’s patients who happened to wander by. To art teacher Mary Elizabeth Norman, involving kids in a project to help kids […]

How time change in fall can benefit your kids

Come Nov. 1 when we turn back the clocks, your kids will have a chance to catch up on much-needed sleep. According to a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, teens lose more than a half hour of sleep when we spring forward into Daylight Savings Time the second Sunday of March.

Northwestern High football player recovering from stroke after taking serious hit to the head during game

It was the moment Tyler Carlson, 14, had been waiting for since he started playing football in 3rd grade. He was playing linebacker and runner back during his first varsity Northwestern High School football game. But during the game, he suffered a blow to the head that sent him reeling.

Seasonal allergies nothing to sneeze at, but allergy shots bring welcome relief

Like many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, Sheli Snyder and her 6-year-old son, Colten, are affected by both molds and ragweed. But they no longer turn to daily allergy medications for relief. They get allergy shots instead.

This mini Cooper runs on fruits and veggies

Anyone who has seen Cooper perform his blueberry-on-the-nose trick would agree: This pooch was built for the Doggie Brigade. Cooper began making young people happy early in his life. His handler, Mary Mosher, is a retired teacher, having spent 35 years in the Akron Public Schools.

Heading back to school with self-esteem in place

Elijah Bell was born 8 years ago without ears, but you would never know that by looking at him today. His ear transformation has taken place over the past 3 years as he has undergone 5 surgeries with Dr. Ananth Murthy, who uses cartilage from Elijah’s own rib cage to craft the ears.